NEWS: It is not necessary for you to be a member of this wiki in order to use the Reading Street notebooks available here. You can simply download them. I will be removing all the members from the wiki, but you will not lose access to the site.

Secondly, these resources were created for TEACHERS to use with their STUDENTS... unfortunately, I have discovered that some parents have tried to use these tests to help their children "study" for their weekly tests. Friends, that's not studying. That's called cheating. :(

I have no way to check if you are a parent or a teacher, nor is it my job to police this site. Keep in mind the paragraph below clearly states that the wiki is for educators. While parents are their child's first teacher, the connotation is understood to be school teachers. Please use the resources in the manner for which they were intended.

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Hi! My name is Paige Coker, and I am an Instructional Technology Coach in Georgia. I've designed this wiki as a place to share resources with other educators.

Here you'll find SMART Response Notebook files for the Scott Foresman Reading Street Series Weekly Selection Tests. Click on the grade level below or use the grade level links on the left pane menu to find the correlating information.

Be sure to visit my blog for other Reading Street resources, too. You can find them at Tech Toolkit
by clicking on the Curriculum Resources tab.

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